Top 10 Best Places to Visit On The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast is easily one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. From the magical town of Positano to the hillside villas of Ravello, the Amalfi Coast is a destination that needs to be experienced.  This is the best place to visit in Italy. So here are the best places to visit on the Amalfi Coast.

1 Fiordo di Furore

Fiordo di Furore | Best Places to Visit On The Amalfi Coast

Fiordo di Furore is one of the coolest beaches in the European country. It is located in a little fjord complimented with an incredible arch bridge. To reach the beach, you can take the local bus or you can rent a two-wheeler. I would suggest you take a two-wheeler instead of a car because there is no car parking. So, the best way is to take the bus there or scoter.

Fiordo di Furore is a paradise for cliff jumpers. There are tons of spots you can jump from different heights. The water is so good to be in. You can explore by yourself and find some more cliffs to jump off. When you swim under the bridge, you just can’t believe how big it is.  This is such an incredible spot you must visit this place while you are on the Amalfi Coast.


2 Positano


This is one of the most popular places on the Amalfi Coast and when you go there, you will understand why. It is full of beautiful colored buildings, shops, and a scenic beach.

If you are in Positano then you can rent a boat.  It is a perfect way to avoid the crowds and you will get the best views of the Amalfi coasts.  The boat will cost you around €80 to rent a boat for one day. It is a little pricey but it is 100 percent worth it.

With the boat, you are able to cruise all over the coast and make stops along the way to just soak the sun and jump into the sea to do some snorkeling. So, I definitely recommend if you are visiting Positano and if you can, rent a boat.

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3 Path of The Gods

Path of The Gods | Best Places to Visit On The Amalfi Coast

If you read my previous blog i.e. ‘the best place to visit in Italy’ then you know how beautiful this place is. This is a super famous hike and with reason. You can start the hike in the town Bomerano and end in this village Nocelle. The hike is about 8 kilometers long and takes about 3 hours to do.

On the hike, you will have incredible views. There are tons of ancient houses and hillside farms contrasted with the views of the coast.  It is basically all downhill which is super nice.  If you do the hike, I definitely recommend doing it early to avoid the heat and crowds.  When you get about halfway through the hike you will be able to get a view of Positano. When you reach the end, you can able to see the best view of all coasts. And the view is so beautiful.

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4 Amalfi


Amalfi is a beautiful town. It is located in a ravine surrounded by daunting cliffs.  They filmed several scenes of Christopher Nolan’s filmTenet here. During medieval times, Amalfi was the capital of the maritime republic known as the “Duchy of Amalfi”. And Amalfi was an important trading power from the 9th to 12th centuries.

This is such a beautiful town you must explore. You can visit the public square with all its restaurants, shops, and church. You can also explore more of the town’s coast and walked along the pier and get great views of all of Amalfi. Amalfi is such a beautiful city you must visit this beautiful city.


5 Atrani

Atrani | Best Places to Visit On The Amalfi Coast
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Atrani is a small town and it is located right next to Amalfi. Atrani is one of the best-looking towns all over the coast. You can get here from Amalfi by walking through some tunnels. Atrani just looks so incredible from the coast. The road that goes through it is just so unique, especially the part that winds around with its beautiful arches.

A fun fact is that Atrani is the smallest city in all of Italy with a population of around 832. Atrani is the only town along the coast that unspoiled its antique traditional characteristics. Another feature that personally I really liked about the city was its beach. It is a  perfect place to soak up some Mediterranean sun.


6 Ravello


To visit Ravello you have to drive up the mountains to visit this beautiful place. Ravello is one of the highest towns on the Amalfi coast as it is located 365m above sea level. Ravello was founded in the 5th century and it was where the king of Italy lived awhile for a while during WW2. It is such a charming town.

The best place to explore in Ravello is the Villa Rufolo. This will cost you a few euros to get in. It is so beautiful Moorish-style villa that was built during the 13th century. This is one of the best places to visit On the Amalfi Coast. During its peak time, it was one of the largest and most expensive villa on the Amalfi coast. They hold orchestra and opera concerts there with one of the most incredible views.

While you are in Ravello you can walk its alleyways, or spend some time eating gelato in the public square. Definitely, this is one of the best places to visit on the Amalfi Coast.


7 Minori

Minori | Best Places to Visit On The Amalfi Coast

Minori is located right below Ravello. This is a beautiful town on the coast. It is believed to be the oldest inhabited site on the Amalfi Coast as it was an ancient holiday resort for the Romans back in the 1st century AD.

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8 Maiori

Amalfi coast with a view of Maiori town

Right next to Minori is the larger town of Maiori. Maiori is similar to Minori. Maiori has been a popular tourist resort since Roman Times. It is also home to the longest beach on the Amalfi Coast. You can have a good time walking along the boardwalk and also checking out the port and pier. Both Maiori and Minori are great destinations to visit the Amalfi coast.

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9 Praiano

Praiano | Best Places to Visit On The Amalfi Coast

Praiano is situated between Positano and Amalfi. It is not nearly as touristy as Positano but it is a great place to stay if you come to the Amalfi coast. You can stay here on Airbnb.

If you are in Praiano, you can walk down to the Spiaggia di Praia. Here you go through some narrow pathways and made it down to the beach. This is a great place to chill and swim. Here you can also rent a boat for sunset. The price of the boat maybe fluctuates but it is worth renting a boat.  If you are on the Amalfi coast, you must rent a boat it may be a little expensive, but trust me you won’t regret it. You just get the best views and you are secluded on your boat away from all the crowds and you really get to soak in the beauty of the coastline.

If you can, you must take a boat ride for sunset. The lighting looks incredible on Positano. While you are out there boating, it didn’t even feel real because the scenery is some of the most beautiful on the earth. And it is truly mind-blowing.

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10 Capri


Capri isn’t on the Amalfi coast, but I add it because it is right next to it and so beautiful. To reach Capri you can take a boat tour or ferry from a town such as Positano.

If you go to Capri, you must see it by boat, whether you take a tour or rent one yourself.  Through the boat, you can explore the entire island. You can see the lighthouse on the very western tip, and the massive cliffs on the southern side. Then you can sail over to the Faraglioni. They are so incredible sea stacks that are just right out of the sea. This is the main reason you must visit Capri. Faraglioni looks small but once you go through it you realize how big it is.

If you are in Capri then you don’t miss taking a sip of the limoncello. limoncello is zesty liqueur is a staple in this region. Italy’s most flavourful lemons are produced on and around the Amalfi Coast. This is one of the best places to visit On the Amalfi Coast.

Another best place you must visit is the Monte Solaro. This is the highest point on the island with an elevation of 589 m. To reach the top you can take a chair lift. The views are absolutely incredible. Here you get astounding views of the whole island. The Faraglioni looks so small from up there.


These are the best places to visit on the Amalfi coast. This is one of the most magical places in the world. Let me know what is your favorite place is on the Amalfi Coast in the comments below.

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