Top 15 Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Ireland is a very beautiful place to visit in Europe. There are so many best places you should visit in Ireland. Ireland led you wandering down lush green trails through sprawling pastures past cobbled stone walls. There are no words to explain this beauty of the Emerald Isle from the rugged coastline and idyllic small towns in the West to the modern metropolis of Dublin. East Ireland is one of the most extraordinary and fascinating places to visit in Europe castles and quaint towns scholars and poets’ greenery and Guinness it is all quintessential and it’s all Ireland.  So here are the top 15 best places to visit in Ireland.


1 Dublin

Dublin | Best places in Ireland

Dublin is a big little city. It is full of things to do and see but you can practically walk its entirety in just a few hours. Dublin is a fun place to be in the history of this town is interesting, tragic, and undefeated. This is the first and the best place to visit in Ireland.

Dublin is a very walkable city and I highly suggest taking a walking tour. A good walking tour will help solidify the city in your mind and orient you as to where everything is and how the streets are laid out. It is also a great way to learn some of the histories of the city which will help you understand Dublin as a whole.

You may also see places that maybe weren’t on your original itineraries such as the city market or city hall. Good tour guides give you the history behind the bricks.


2 Trinity College

Trinity College Library
Trinity College Library

Trinity College is one of the most noticeable and important places in Dublin and also the best place to visit in Ireland. The campus is free to enter. But in order to truly understand the importance of this place I highly recommend taking the student-led tours. You can take tours for up to 30 to 40 minutes.

Trinity was established in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth the first for Christian male students. The school was only open to Christians until 1793 when admission to Catholics was finally allowed. However, the Catholic Church forbade enrolment. Before 1970 any Catholic that enrolled at Trinity would be excommunicated.

The most crowded place at Trinity College is the Book of Kells. This is an ancient text that was handcrafted by monks around 800AD located in this building. Unfortunately, no cameras are allowed inside so you will have to make the trip if you want to see it yourself.

The long room is the main chamber of the old library. This chamber contains over 200 thousand of the library’s oldest books. This is one of the world’s most impressive libraries. It has given the inspiration for libraries and famous movies such as Star Wars and Harry Potter. Here you will find one of only a handful of remaining copies of the 1916 proclamation of the Irish Republic which is read on April 24th, 1916 outside the general post office by Patrick hearse and set into motion the Easter Rising.


3 Cliffs of Moher, Country Clare

Cliffs of Moher | Best places in Ireland

The cliffs of Moher stand proudly as one of the greatest natural wonders of the world and no trip to Ireland would be complete without a visit. There are tours that will take you directly to the top complete with a visitor center and gift shop. If you are physically able there is nothing like hiking the whole length of the coast. You can start from Doolin and hike the Burren way.

The Burren way is a three-mile hike with often rocky terrain, steep ascents, and vertigo-inducing proximity to the edge. But if you complete this hike then that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. This is one of the best places to visit in Ireland.


4 Galway City

Galway City

This is a modern city by Western Ireland standards with an interesting history dating back to medieval times. Galway is now a town bursting with life. The street place is lively complete with performers, brightly painted taverns, and a multitude of shops. This is another best place to visit in Ireland.

Nearly a quarter of its 76,000 citizens were born outside of Ireland which gives Galway a unique international Flair. You can spend time relaxing with locals or shop till you drop. Just don’t forget to stop in a local pub and order a Galway hooker (a local Irish Pale).


5 Galway’s street

Galway’s street | Best places in Ireland

Another cool spot to visit in Ireland is Galway’s Street. Give yourself enough time to roam along its medieval roads. From the 13th through the 19th centuries Galway was run by the famous 14 tribes or more accurately powerful families of Galway. Of those 14 tribes, the Lynch family was by far the most powerful with 84 Lynch’s becoming mayor of Galway over a 169-year span. Lynch’s castle now an allied Irish Bank is the only castle still standing that belonged to one of the 14 tribes.

(Image Cr. Encirclephotos)


6 St. Nicholas Collegiate Church

St. Nicholas Collegiate Church

Galway is also home to the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas. the largest medieval parish church in Ireland still in use today. This sizeable church sits in the middle of what was once the medieval heart of Galway City.  This church is finished in 1320 AD. This church is dedicated to the patron saint of Mariners and children Saint Nicholas of Myra but you may know him better by his nickname “Santa Claus”.

In 1651 Oliver Cromwell’s troops used this church as a stable for their horses while they laid siege to the town. It is those troops that are blamed for the missing heads and hands statues all around the church.

It is also believed that in 1477 Christopher Columbus himself worshiped here before one of his attempts to reach the New World.

(Image Cr. Santosepulcro)


7 Doolin, Country Clare

Doolin | Best places in Ireland

The town of Doolin is frequently referred to as the “music capital” of Ireland. Doolin is spread along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean just north of the Cliffs of Moher. Doolin’s lively music scene is best enjoyed in its small pubs like McDermott’s and Gus O’Connor’s. Even with the tourists now flocking to this once off-the-grid town the Doolin musicians still offer top-notch performances on a nightly basis.


8 Doolin Caves, Country Clare

World’s Second-largest stalactite

This is home to the world’s second-largest stalactite which is 7.3 meters which is about 23 feet it is a wonderful sight to behold. The guides are too friendly. They will lead you down 210 feet below the earth to the main tunnel where they can behold the 8-million-year-old natural formation.

Doolin Cave is an undiscovered gem of sorts. Only a minuscule fraction of those guests around 23,000 make their way to Doolin cave. So, while the tour buses are making their way to the cliffs of Moher you can take the road less traveled and visit Doolin cave.

(Image Cr. Doolin)


9 Eyre Square, Galway

Eyre Square, Galway | Best places in Ireland

Another really best spot to visit is Eyre Square. This place is in the city center. In the center of Eyre square where you will find another monument to the fourteen tribes the brown doorway. This facade is the former entrance to the Brown House of 1627. In 1905 it was removed from its original location and placed near the shopping area of William Street.

Adjacent to that you will find the Galway hooker a modern art fountain erected in 1984 designed to celebrate the sails of the fishing vessel known as the Galway hooker. Just off of Eyre square you will find a tiny pocket of a part known as the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park. It is here that John F. Kennedy himself addressed Galway in 1963.

(Image Cr. Thisisgalway)


10 Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is the main attraction of many Dublin visitors. The present building is built in 2000 and is shaped like glass and is referred to as the world’s largest pint. Guinness has been made at the St. James gate brewery. On this site since 1759 when Arthur Guinness signed a 9000-year lease with the city of Dublin. The very least that can be found on the floor of the main lobby.

The Guinness Storehouse is a real museum of Guinness include of seven floors dedicated to the delicious brew. You will get an overview of its basic ingredients yeast, hops, and of course water. You will also learn about some of the histories of the brewery through movies pictures and other exhibits.

At the top of the pint, there is the sky bar reason sufficient for making the trip to the Guinness Storehouse. Bartenders masterfully pour the black gold into pint glasses and each person gets one included in their admission. The exhibits are interesting it is worth coming to the Guinness Storehouse for nothing more than enjoying a pint with his bird’s-eye view of the city.


11 Burren National Park, Country Clare

Burren National Park | Best places in Ireland

Hikers! this is the place for you. Burren national park gives one of the best hiking in Ireland. Hikes often include many steps and rocky rough footpaths. Beyond the sore feet, Burren’s beauty is so mesmerizing. You must visit this place once in your life. At first glance and may seem as though the Burren is ten square miles of desolate rocky landscape with little discernible life. But after closer inspection, a delicate and diverse ecosystem begins to unfold providing the hiker with an experience unlike any other.

The rocky terrain, narrow passages, and jagged inclines are all worth it however when you get views like this. Throughout the Burren, you will also find the crumbling remains from its Iron Age inhabitants who lived here 6,000 years ago.

(Image Cr. Tripadvisor)


12 Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle is one of the best-known sites in all of Ireland but not for any real historical reasons. The Blarney Castle is most famous for being famous. Blarney Castle has almost no historical importance for centuries. Tourists have been carrying up to the highest minaret of this medieval castle and kissing the Blarney Stone in the hopes of receiving the Irish gift of gab.

Once inside you will venture through several small medieval rooms and hike up lots of even smaller medieval staircases until at last, you reach the highest point of the castle to kiss the Blarney Stone.

After exploring the castle take time to explore the well-manicured grounds especially the poison garden.


13 St. Stephan’s Green

St. Stephan’s Green | Best places in Ireland

After a long knowledgeable afternoon gives your tired mind a break and you can head to St. Stephen’s Green nature of sin the bustling city. Enjoy a break or simply sit relax and watch life go by for a short time.

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14 O’Connell Street

General post office
General post office

Another cool place to visit is O’Connell Street. The main thoroughfare is in the heart of the city. This relatively outstretch of road has had more than its fair share of major historical events that have irreversibly shaped the course of Dublin’s past and present. You will also see the general post office where the fight for Irish independence began in 1916. Today bullet holes can still be found in the building’s columns.

Another cool landmark you can see which is known as the spire has no historical significance and is dedicated to nothing it is simply a 120-meter-high shiny pole.


15 Temple Bar District

Temple Bar District | Best places in Ireland

This place is full of pubs, bars, and tourists. These cobbled streets have long been a site of Dublin’s party scene and while you may find more locals in areas such as the purple flag district this fun-loving area is still definitely worth a visit.


So these are the top 15 best places to visit in Ireland. Ireland is must visit place in the world. There are so many best places to visit in Ireland you just need to explore this beautiful city. I hope all can visit its beauty. Let me know what is your favorite place in this blog in the comments below.

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